Play-In For Climate Action

From July 12th through the 14th, I went to Washington, D.C., sponsored by the Moms Clean Air Force, an organization that fights for clean air for their children. Moms Clean Air Force aims to encourage politicians in Congress to advocate for the Clean Air Act and stand side by side with us and the EPA. They unite for their children and fight against pollution through political activism, education, and constant involvement.

Three other ladies and one guy from my organization, the Chicago Youth Alliance for Climate Action, and I, were invited to rally for the Moms for Clean Air "Play-In" day as ambassadors. The "Play-In for Climate Action" was an event to raise awareness of the issues that arise from climate change with a heavy emphasis on the impact of climate change on the health of children and mothers everywhere. During the event, the project DearTomorrow  was able to record my message (pictured above) to aid in their mission of inspiring people to communicate with future generations about climate change;

“I promise to vote for a leaders who will take action for climate change & turn to a greener economy for all; I will  encourage others to do the same.”

While in D.C., I was also able to speak to people in Congress on behalf of youth, not only from Chicago, but from the entire state of Illinois. I spoke with Representative Dold (R-IL), aids of Senator Kirk (R-IL), and aids of Senator Durbin (D-IL). Together, we were able to address the importance of clean air and identify issues within our state. We asked these congresspeople to stand beside us as we fight against pollution and educated them on current climate change issues.

I spoke with the people who govern our Nation in an attempt to amplify the voices of those who are most affected by climate change. Racism, poverty, and health issues are all connected to the environment and it is up to us to make those connections vivid. This opportunity allowed me to do what I love and enabled me to understand that ignorance should not stand in the way of a cleaner, greener, and safer future for the generations to come.