Out the Spout & Down the Drain Educator Workshops Help Equip Classrooms for Positive Impact

Philippe Cousteau’s EarthEcho International Out the Spout & Down the Drain Educator Workshops Help Equip Classrooms for Positive Impact

October 16, 2012 -- EarthEcho International (www.earthecho.org), a leading environmental education nonprofit, is hosting two upcoming workshops for middle and high school educators that provide skills and resources to help students become community leaders and advocates for the planet.  Out the Spout & Down the Drain is part of EarthEcho’s Water Planet Challenge, a nationwide program that equips educators and students to take action to protect and restore our planet's water resources while teaching to key standards.  Out the Spout & Down the Draineducator workshops will be held Los Angeles, CA, on October 30 and Washington, DC, on November 1.

“If we want today’s youth to be informed and engaged in protecting their communities and the planet, it’s critical that we aid educators in their efforts to enhance classroom learning,” said Philippe Cousteau, Co-founder and President, EarthEcho International.  “EarthEcho’s Out the Spout & Down the Drain workshops are designed to help educators support their students’ goals in the classroom and beyond.”

EarthEcho’s Out the Spout & Down the Drain workshops are an interactive three-hour forum for middle and high school educators that kicks off a comprehensive program for students to explore what comes Out the Spout and goes Down the Drain. Through this workshop participants will:

  • generate skills to make science more relevant and action-oriented for students;
  • examine critical environmental issues around everyday community practices that have global implications;
  • use EarthEcho’s Water Planet Challenge Action Guides to engage students in a service-learning process around local water quality issues;
  • integrate service-learning strategies that enhance pro-social behaviors and increase civic and social responsibility; and
  • develop skills to help transform students into citizen journalists.

The Out the Spout & Down the Drain Los Angeles, CA, workshop will be held at the Windward School from 1:30-4:30 PM on October 30.   The Washington, DC, workshop is part of the 19th National Forum on Character Education and will be held from 9:00 am to noon on November 1.  For detailed information and to register, please visit www.earthecho.org

The Out the Spout & Down the Drain workshops will be led by service-learning expert Cathryn Berger Kaye, president of CBK Associates, and EarthEcho International's Director of Learning, Kyra Kristof.

Primary funding for the Water Planet Challenge is provided by the Toyota U.S.A. Foundation, a $100 million charitable endowment created to support education programs serving kindergarten through 12th grade students and their teachers in the United States, with an emphasis on mathematics, science, and environmental science.  For additional information about the Toyota U.S.A. Foundation, visit www.toyota.com/foundation.

About EarthEcho

EarthEcho International is a leading environmental nonprofit organization committed to youth engagement, action, and leadership through education. EarthEcho helps young people everywhere understand the critical role we play in the future of the planet through the one thing that connects us all – water. EarthEcho International is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization founded by siblings Philippe and Alexandra Cousteau in honor of their father Philippe Cousteau Sr., son of the legendary explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau. For more information about EarthEcho International, visit www.earthecho.org.


Bryan Hughes