Environmental Thought Leader Dominique Lueckenhoff joins the Board of Directors

Environmental Thought Leader Dominique Lueckenhoff joins the Board of Directors at Philippe Cousteau, Jr’s EarthEcho International

Washington, DC (January 25, 2021) EarthEcho International, a nonprofit dedicated to building a global youth movement to protect and restore our ocean planet, today announced that Dominique Lueckenhoff is joining its Board of Directors. Ms. Lueckenhoff, a former senior advisor at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), currently heads corporate affairs & sustainability at Hugo Neu Corporation. In this role, she leads the company's global efforts in corporate sustainability, environmental policy, public and community affairs and green business investment.

Her deep commitment to water resources protection is also demonstrated by her leadership support for the American Sustainable Business Council's Clean Water Campaign and her educator role as Adjunct Professor for Virginia Tech's Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability. Ms. Lueckenhoff also chairs the Community-Based Public-Private Partnership (CBP3) Center for Water, Energy and Equitable Economic Resilience.

"The EarthEcho team had the pleasure of working with Dominique during our inaugural EarthEcho Expedition. She brings a wealth of knowledge and vision to EarthEcho that I feel certain will inspire and engage our growing network of youth leaders around the world," said EarthEcho International Founder Philippe Cousteau, Jr. "Our unique youth-led programs and resources will benefit from Dominique's deep experience in building and advancing equitable, sustainable communities, cities and environmental resources protection."

"I am both thrilled and honored to be a part of this one-of-a-kind youth education, empowerment and purpose-driven organization for the good of our planet and diverse communities around the world. I have long been a big fan of EarthEcho International's demonstrated commitment and success in delivering high quality STEM education to all classrooms, particularly those struggling to teach tomorrow's leaders and problem-solvers. And what better way than to champion the protection of our oceans, which feed us, provide most of the oxygen we breathe and regulate climate. The extent to which we nurture, enable and grow the connected power of youth to address these and other critical environmental issues truly determines the collective fate of our future," said Ms. Lueckenhoff.

Prior to joining Hugo Neu, Ms. Lueckenhoff served as senior advisor to the EPA Region 3 Administrator, where she developed and led initiatives related to innovative community-based, public-private partnerships, next-generation technologies, and alternative market-based approaches to achieving "faster, cheaper, greener" environmental improvements. Recognized as a national leader and expert in green infrastructure and sustainable communities, Ms. Lueckenhoff has over 25-years of award-winning program development, management and supervisory experience across multiple EPA programs and geographic regions protecting the nation's air, water and land.