EarthEcho International Praises Expanded Marine National Monument

EarthEcho International Praises Expanded Marine National Monument

Washington, D.C. (September 25, 2014) – EarthEcho International today praised President Obama for protecting ocean ecosystems by using the Antiquities Act to expand the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument—an undisturbed island and atoll chain located 1,000 miles southwest of Hawaii and now the largest marine protected area in the world.

“This  expansion of the Remote Islands National Monument is not only significant for its protection of a pristine deep sea and open ocean ecosystem, it’s significant as a world-class scientific and educational resource,” said Philippe Cousteau, co-founder and president. “Conservation actions such as these send an incredibly powerful message to today’s youth, as they foster a curiosity and broaden the scope of what’s possible for our next generation of conservationists, scientists, and educators.”

The proclamation expands the approximately 83,000 square-mile national monument initially designated by President George W. Bush in 2009 to include additional world-class marine species and habitat.

The collection of sea mounts and ecological features of the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument create a biodiversity epicenter unlike anywhere else in the world. Up to half of the creatures that live there—including a new whale species identified in April—are found nowhere else on Earth. The protected area provides the opportunity for identification and discovery of many species not yet known to humans, with possibilities for research, medicines, and global climate change.

“When our youth see leaders like President Obama take bold action to protect our planet’s most precious resources, they are inspired to participate in cutting-edge ocean discovery and science, and are empowered to become leaders for our future,” added Cousteau.

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