EarthEcho Attends White House Conservation in Action Summit, Commends Commitment to Ocean Climate Action

Today, EarthEcho International Youth Leadership Council (YLC) members and staff joined our partners for the White House Conservation in Action Summit, where Biden-Harris administration officials announced a suite of actions designed to advance conservation of America’s lands and waters. These actions included key priorities our network of young ocean leaders have recently helped to advance regarding the release of the first-ever U.S. Ocean Climate Action Plan and a commitment to expand protections for the Pacific Remote Islands through a proposed national marine sanctuary, which would create the world’s largest highly protected marine area. These actions recognize the critical role of the ocean in advancing the climate biodiversity crisis.

President Biden speaks at the Conservation in Action Summit.

We thank President Biden for prioritizing ocean-based climate solutions and look forward to working with the Administration to ensure youth leaders play a key role in the implementation of these initiatives and in the establishment of additional indigenous and community led marine protected areas and sanctuaries in regions across the country.

We also join the conservation community in celebrating the designation of Avi Kwa Ame National Monument in Nevada and Castner Range National Monument in Texas.

“With the release of the first U.S. Ocean Climate Action Plan, it is exciting to see this administration formally recognizing the ocean’s key role in creating a safe, sustainable, and stable climate. I was also thrilled by the proposed expansion of protected ocean area around the Pacific Remote Islands which would bring the United States to having 30% of our ocean waters protected by 2030. This would be an amazing step in the right direction, but our work is far from over! Ocean protection is climate action!” - Chloe Wetzler, EarthEcho Youth Leadership Council member

“It was incredible seeing our nation's leaders assemble to protect our environment and the strides made by President Biden and his administration will be instrumental in saving our water planet. I hope that along the way we will see opportunities for the youth to step forward and directly engage with these initiatives to make positive change!” - Isaac Yebio, EarthEcho Youth Leadership Council member

EarthEcho International team at the White House Conservation in Action Summit. From L to R Isaac Yebio, Chloe Wetzler, Sean Russell, Evan Barnard, and Gloria Li.