EarthEcho International Celebrates “America the Beautiful” Report and Work Toward 30x30 Goal

EarthEcho International and our global community of youth leaders celebrate the release of the Biden Administration’s “America the Beautiful” report and the continued momentum on a nationwide conservation plan to protect 30% of the United States’ lands, water, and ocean by 2030. This visionary goal will help slow the loss of nature, ameliorate the impacts of climate change, and ensure that all Americans have access to the natural world. The guiding principles outlined today provide a roadmap for a collaborative and inclusive process to achieve this ambitious plan, and we applaud the commitment to ensuring all Americans are engaged to achieve the 30x30 goal.

"As both an ocean advocate and a father I am excited to see the strong conservation commitments outlined in the Biden Administration’s “America the Beautiful” report, says EarthEcho International co-founder, Philippe Cousteau, Jr. “We know that young people are ready to take action to preserve biodiversity and address the challenge of the climate crisis. Today’s report sets the path forward and demonstrates that young people will not have to drive action on that path alone."