Coventry MS Students Plant Over 1,000 Trees

This year, EarthEcho LEAP Educator Jim Trogdon and his students took on the task of "daylighting" a local stream that had been forced underground decades ago. His classroom not only brought the stream above ground, but also took part in planting over 1,000 native shrubs, trees, and grasses to restore the site.

With the help of Ken Christensen from Davey Tree Experts, Trogdon and his students selected several native species to plant along the stream site. Species were selected to help reinforce the stream bank, create a riparian buffer zone, and provide habitat. Trogdon and his students hope to see the stream become the heart of a lively public space, enjoyed by humans and animals alike. “I keep telling them,” Trogdon says, “One day you’ll be able to drive your kids past here and say ‘See that tall tree? I planted that.’”

You don’t have to daylight an entire stream or plant 1,000 trees to have a positive impact on our planet. Just one tree can take up to 48lbs of carbon dioxide out of the air. Get started with a project of your own by using our #OurEcho Action Guide and share your stories on our website or on social media using #OurEcho.

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