#Choose2Cruise on Go Skateboarding Day

Win prizes by having fun and making a global impact on June 21st!

EarthEcho’s Youth Leadership Council (YLC) is inspired each day by the creative ways that young people across campuses and communities make a difference in the health of our planet. Often the simplest actions are the most powerful and the most fun! June 21, 2017 marks the 14th anniversary of Go Skateboarding Day (GSD), a holiday set aside within the skateboarding community to celebrate their creative, rebellious, and...eco-friendly culture! On average we prevent a pound of carbon dioxide (CO2) from entering our atmosphere with every mile we travel using a skateboard (or bike or unicycle for that matter) and those pounds of CO2 reduce our global impact!

So on June 21st, we are challenging youth from across the U.S. to use their skateboards instead of automobiles, take a pic, and utilize the hashtag #Choose2Cruise alongside #GSD2017!

The #Choose2Cruise campaign will encourage people of all ages across the world to change the way we think about sustainable transportation. Skateboarders are passionate about their sport and through #Choose2Cruise they can raise awareness about alternative transportation, and acknowledge how easy it is to make a big difference for the environment.

Through this campaign young people will:

  • use #Choose2Cruise to highlight skaters’ unique way of reducing carbon emissions;
  • be entered to win prizes and recognition for the most creative participants;
  • and mobilize to engage their own social media networks for an increased chance to win prizes!

Remember June 21st...post a public picture of yourself skateboarding on social media, tag @EarthEcho and be sure to use hashtags #Choose2Cruise and #GSD2017.

Public posts will be entered into a contest to win a prize, and the winners will be chosen from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook by the EarthEcho International Youth Leadership Council panel of judges and the EEI YLC audience.

Choose to Cruise from Amy Steward on Vimeo.

Official Contest Rules