As yet another school year comes to an end…

I think back to all that we have accomplished over the last nine months. We began the year with trainings with Miami-Dade County Public Schools and Los Angeles Unified School District, meeting inspired educators from opposite coasts with similar goals and a communal passion for our environment. We also convened the EarthEcho Leadership, Education, and Advisory Panel (EE LEAP) of like-minded educators from across the country.

As the year continued, we launched EarthEcho Expedition: Beyond the Dead Zone, which introduced students nationwide to issues facing the Florida coasts but important to all. We hosted eight Google Hangouts and virtual fieldtrips, engaging educators, youth, and citizen scientists from across the world. In March, we kicked off the EarthEcho World Water Monitoring Challenge with events in three states and the District of Columbia. Most rewarding, perhaps, are the youth who have implemented a wide range of action projects in their local communities. Students have shared stories from community-wide river clean-ups, school gardens, and district wide recycling campaigns. Educators have shared anecdotes of insightful student research into local agricultural practices, oyster restoration field trips, and year-long stream daylighting projects. If you have projects or stories you would like to share, please tell us by filling out this Google form.

Ending the school year with World Oceans Day on June 8th is the perfect celebration of all that we have collectively accomplished this year. Every small step you take to equip yourself with knowledge, inform your community, and alter your actions is a positive impact for our one world ocean. On Monday, June 8th, take the time to congratulate yourselves for the work you’ve done and share that work and your passion for the oceans with your community. Visit to browse resources and get involved with events in your area.

Share photos, quotes, and moments with us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook using #WaterPlanet and #WorldOceansDay.  

Remember, our work doesn’t end just because the school year comes to a close, everything you do, all the time, makes a difference. We will see you next year.


Philippe Cousteau Jr.