EarthEcho Academy FAQs

What is the EarthEcho Academy?

The EarthEcho Academy is a new virtual learning space developed to provide online courses for teacher professional learning with access to fully remote, asynchronous environmental education modules for students featuring some of our most popular NGSS-aligned classroom resources like EarthEcho Expedition: Into the Dead Zone.

Does this cost anything?

There is no cost to participate.

Who is eligible?

While the inaugural course is offered at no charge to any public middle school teacher, limited grant support of $400 is available to support teachers in the greater Los Angeles, Miami, and Washington DC communities. This funding is earmarked to provide support for teachers serving the frontline communities facing the biggest impacts of environmental degradation.

What is the timeline for teachers who participate?

Our spring course begins March 30th, 2021.

What are the learning objectives?

As a result of this course teachers will:

  • Understand adventure learning and the value of this approach in STEM classrooms
  • Amplify the importance of specific “wicked” environmental issues to be incorporated in the classroom
  • Incorporate foundation principles of environmental justice within student learning experiences
  • Lead instruction about dead zones and how humans contribute to this global problem 
  • Guide students in virtual coursework on this topic
  • Utilize EarthEcho’s multimedia Expedition resources with students in and out of the classroom (virtually)
  • Access two virtual modules for students hosted in Moodle that include ready to use digital video content, activities, and assessment tools 

Standards Addressed Include:

ESS2. C The roles of water in Earth's surface processes

ESS2.E Biogeology

ESS3.A Natural resources

ESS3.C Human impacts on Earth systems

ESS3.D Global climate change

PS1.A Structure and Properties of Matter

What are other ways I can connect with EarthEcho International?

Be sure to connect with us via social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to learn the latest about our work and opportunities for educators and youth.

Still have questions? Please direct additional questions to