Waste-Free Crew

Earth Day Activities for Wisconsin Teachers

SC Johnson and the Milwaukee Brewers are partnering to reduce plastic waste at American Family Field as well as educate and raise awareness on the need to reduce and effectively manage waste, particularly plastic, at both home and away. Together, we want to contribute to preserving our planet and its environment for the next generation. Learn more here.

Waste-Free Crew is a new educational outreach initiative from SC Johnson, the Brewers, and EarthEcho International geared towards students to raise awareness about the importance of waste management and to create an opportunity for students to learn how to make a difference through waste reduction, as well as day-to-day recycling of plastic at home and in the community. Along the way, we hope families and communities will play a role, too!

April is World Earth Month and every year, Earth Day is celebrated on April 22. At a point in the year in which we focus even more on sustainability challenges, this is a great opportunity to empower students, their families and communities to play an active role in reducing, reusing and rethinking the waste that comes from our daily activities.

Through the Waste-Free Crew teachers in Kenosha, Racine, and Milwaukee counties, Wisconsin are invited to:

  • Access a new suite of classroom resources including four discrete activities to help students investigate the management and reduction of plastic waste.
  • Celebrate and learn with their students at a community education event featuring hands-on, interactive activities for students to understand environmental hazards associated with waste, potential solutions, and the role we all play in ensuring environmental sustainability.
WI Teachers Join the Waste-Free Crew!