Shaun Fernando

EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassador

Sewickley, PA

Shaun is a rising 8th grader who is passionate about solving environmental problems through engineering and technology. After learning that poor mining practices are negatively affecting water quality around Pennsylvania, Shaun started working on a way to help the communities be more informed about their water quality. Shaun came up with an innovative idea to build an autonomous device to collect water quality data in mere minutes. This data can be exported to an app that Shaun created for anyone to view. Shaun is planning to spread this not only to Pennsylvania and Ohio, but also to other states and countries.

Additionally, since he is a competitive and USTA nationally ranked tennis player, Shaun founded a tennis club in his local middle school that gives kids in 6th-8th grade the opportunity to learn the basics and fundamentals of tennis, a sport which Shaun is very passionate about, before reaching high school. In his area, tennis is not offered as a middle school sport, so Shaun created this club to bring more awareness to the sport of tennis in middle school.

Shaun loves to learn about math and science, and he strives to become a Biomedical/Environmental Engineer when he grows up.