Never Stop Exploring

Who needs an adventure right now?

Over the last couple of weeks as political rhetoric has escalated, historic fires have raged across the west, and a global pandemic has continued to hold our entire country in its grip, I have found myself perusing photos and noting treasured keepsakes that remind me of the amazing places in the world that I have been fortunate to visit. Many are far away while some are practically in my own backyard. Travel and exploration are core to who I am, an inherited legacy for which I am grateful. During this quarantine, I have been channeling my wanderlust into a terrific project that I want to share with you all!

What if you could travel the globe with a team of unlikely heroes, including a super-strong polar bear, a pangolin with a genius for engineering, an extremely sarcastic narwhal, and an orangutan with a big dream? Join these four daredevils as they save endangered species across the globe in my new children's book The Endangereds, co-authored by Austin Aslan. This is the first in a thrilling new adventure series that has provided a temporary cure for my wanderlust as we’ve all endeavored to stay safe and take care of each other. I hope it will bring you, too, a few moments of escape. 

While imagination can spin incredible adventures while we are all home, the ingenuity of young people and teachers continues to amaze me. Since the school year started, I have virtually connected with young scholars across the world, from fourth grade (year 4) students in Florida to homeschoolers in Iowa to our EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassadors in Puerto Rico. Whether we are using our treasured memories, creative imaginings, or the wonders of technology to carry us away, I want to personally encourage each of you to keep exploring in whatever way you can until we can all embark on new, in-person adventures together!

Philippe Cousteau