June 2020 The Echo

We are grateful to the supporters and partners who have connected with us recently as we have worked to ensure EarthEcho continues its work as a leading environmental education organization that is committed to antiracism and environmental justice. From the personal letters shared by our youth leaders to thoughtful discussions lead by STEM mentors and reflections from our Board of Directors, we continue to grow in our understanding as we build meaningful action rooted in these important issues.

The guiding vision for EarthEcho comes from my father's belief, "in a world where every single child can breathe fresh air, drink clean water, and walk on green grass under a blue sky." We have always committed ourselves to supporting youth, families, and educators in underserved communities through our environmental programs. And we are enhancing that work further still by supporting new partners who are on the ground in communities where people of color and, more specifically black children, are being choked by particulates in their air, poisoned by contaminated drinking water, and find themselves unsafe in green spaces.

We continue to stand in solidarity with the people and communities that face injustice and the movements that support them. As we continue to listen with humility and an open heart, recognizing that justice is key to our work, we give thanks for each person and organization that has joined us on this journey towards a better world for all.