STEMExplore Virtual Career Connection with a Postharvest Scientist & Agricultural Engineer

Join EarthEcho International for a STEM-tastic conversation about agricultural engineering and postharvest science with Ratna Suthar, Postharvest Scientist and PhD Student at University of Florida in Gainesville, FL. Ratna was born and raised in New Jersey. Growing up she had a love for learning the science behind everyday things including food and medicine. She was studying chemistry as an undergrad at University of South Florida where she got involved in research on food quality and shelf life of fresh produce. According to FAO, by the year 2050 our population is going to reach 9 billion, and we will have to increase food availability to meet the demand. One way is to increase food production but another way by is reducing the amount of food loss/waste. The problem of food loss/waste has only been exacerbated due to COVID. It is imperative that we continue developing technologies to protect our food from going to waste.