Expeditions Virtual Field Trip with FISHstory - Stepping Back in Time: How Historic Dock Photos Can Help Fisheries Management

What can historic dock photos reveal about fisheries? The South Atlantic Fishery Management Council’s new citizen science project, FISHstory, aims to find out. FISHstory (pronounced like history) trains volunteers to identify and count fish in historic dock photos From Daytona Beach, FL from the 1940s-1970s. Data collected will help fishery managers build a more complete picture of these fisheries prior to the beginning of dedicated catch monitoring programs. To gather this data, we’re using the power of the crowd through the online crowdsourcing platform, Zooniverse. The project is completely online, open to all, and includes fish identification training materials for those that aren’t fish ID experts. We need help from citizen scientists like you to unlock the data in these photos!

Join EarthEcho International and the South Atlantic Fishery Management staff, Allie Iberle and Julia
Byrd, to learn more about FISHstory and how you can get involved in the project!