STEMExplore Virtual Career Connection with a Dolphin Acoustics Specialist

July 15, 2020 1:00 PM


Join EarthEcho International as we highlight relatable voices in STEM careers! With STEMExplore, we invite female professionals to share their STEM journey with a live audience during dynamic virtual events.

The conversation will focus on women in STEM and the STEMExplore Mentor will share her personal journey and the positive influences that helped her to realize her professional capabilities.

During this 30-minute session, the participants will:

- Learn about ocean conservation and marine science as a career in general;
- Observe the day to day tasks of a marine scientist working in cetacean (dolphin and whale) acoustics;
- Gain insight into a STEM career and learn the steps it takes to become a professional in this area;
- Ask interview questions of the STEMExplore expert.

Date: July 15, 2020 at 1:00 PM EASTERN

Topic/Career: Marine Science, Cetacean Behavior & Acoustics, Ocean Conservation

STEMExplore Mentor: Dr. Morgan Martin, Marine Scientist, University of Southern Denmark


Dr. Morgan Martin

Marine Scientist, University of Southern Denmark

Morgan is a visiting scientist at the University of Southern Denmark. She has an MSc in Marine Science from the University of San Diego, California, and a BSc in Biology from the University of New Orleans, Louisiana. Morgan recently finished her PhD in Zoology at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. From 2015 - March 2019, she was based in Namibia, southern Africa, conducting her PhD research on the underwater acoustics of two species of wild African dolphins: Heaviside’s dolphins and dusky dolphins. She specializes in using underwater acoustics to estimate cetacean abundance and to study animal behavior.

Her PhD research is the first to show that a toothed whale (Heaviside’s dolphins) can produce two distinct types of echolocation clicks, which questions what we currently understand about how toothed whales produce biosonar. Morgan recently completed a fieldwork season in Patagonia to record the behaviour and underwater vocalizations of Commerson’s dolphins and Peale’s dolphins. She has just returned from working in Antarctica recording marine mammals as well as chinstrap, adelie and gentoo penguins. Morgan plans to begin a new project in June which involves tagging bowhead whales in the Canadian Arctic to study the effects of ship noise pollution.

Classroom Resources

STEMExplore Mentor Reflection Guide

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