Nashalie Irizarry

Water Challenge Ambassador

Hormigueros, Puerto Rico

Nashalie is from Hormigueros, Puerto Rico. She is a third-year student doing two majors in Biology and Environmental Sciences at the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico in Ponce. Since her high school years, she has felt the compromise to work with the protection of the environment because in her Island – Puerto Rico- the environmental issues are not a priority for the politicians.

She has been collaborating with organizations that promote the safeguard of the environment.  One of those organizations “Basura Cero Puerto Rico” which promotes the elimination of plastics and the recycling.  This organization works with different festivals around the island to promote their project; she was an active volunteer in the recent edition of Circo Fest 2018 at Old San Juan.  Nashalie wants to continue collaborating with many more non-governmental organizations in Puerto Rico and around the globe to defend and preserve Planet Earth.

As she can say, water is our “power unit” and people need to start making a better use of it. She will continue to study deeply the environment not only on her Island but worldwide. She will like to visit different countries and participate in projects to protect the environment so she can incorporate the better environmental management practices on her Island. As she also wishes to have clean water, she also wishes to have 75% or more of the Island running on renewable energy. As long as she is studying under these majors, her goal is to expand her knowledge to help the environment. She is excited to work with EarthEcho International to keep learning more about how to help our Planet Earth and how to pass it on.