Mahfudh Khamisi Omar

Mahfudh is a multipotentialite from the Indian Ocean coastline of Mombasa Island, the heart of Kenya . From innovating solutions, to participating hands-on in ocean education and conservation as well as in policy-making, he is an ecosystem's friend and is redefining coexistence between the humanity and oceans. Humanity according to Mahfudh is inclusive of everyone both inland and coastal. Mahfudh is a leader at Sky Mirror S.T.S ( Student Travel Safaris ), a social enterprise that sees inland students be part of student travels to the coast with trip packages that seeks to bridge the ocean literacy gap. He is also the Co-founder of Glimbble, a video-storytelling team creating impactful ocean video stories that are changing humanity's relationship with the ocean in the digital space. He works to ensure his fellow youth have their voices heard or have seat at tables formulating ideas about changing the ocean we have to the ocean we all want.