Korbyn Cannon

EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassador

Nashville, TN

Her name is Korbyn Cannon, and this is her life story. She is currently growing up in Nashville, Tennessee. She was born here thirteen years ago on a hot, sunny late July day. Or at least that is what she likes to think. She really knows nothing about the weather of that day, but that is not important. The only important part is that she was born.

From then on out she was raised around music. It has always been a big part of her life. She sang with her family and at church. She sang too much at school because she got the nickname “Hummingbird”; in the fourth grade. Nonetheless, music was important to her parents so it to became just as important to her. She was also raised around science. Her father worked on computers and knew a ton about them too. Her brother helped her with math and science homework, and after he graduated from high school went to college to study chemistry. Her mother worked in the medical field, not working on bodies but giving hospitals and other places of care the information that they need so that they can treat people. So naturally Korbyn’s favorite subject in school was and still is science. She loved learning how things work. Her favorite topics to learn about were sound and the water cycle. Her third- grade teacher made up a fun song about how the water cycle works and she still remembers it to this day.

Science and the arts have influenced Korbyn in ways she will never know. However, I will because I am all-knowing narrator. Continuing, she has dreams of going on Broadway, but also ones of being a teacher. Alas, you shall only know by watching her grow into the amazing woman she will become. I will already know because again I am the all-knowing narrator.