Armon Alex

Youth Leadership Council Member & Board of Directors

Corpus Christi, TX

Armon Alex is a recognized Science Communicator and Ocean Steward from Corpus Christi, Texas. His history with EarthEcho begins as a Water challenge Ambassador where he was able to actively test the water quality of his surrounding bays in collaboration with his university under his respectively founded student led initiative research team that focused on education and advocacy throughout South Texas coastal communities. He currently works to inspire young environmentalist as a representative of the Earth Echo Youth Leadership Council by equipping other young environmental leaders with the tools to be effective communicators.
Armon is an undergraduate student at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi studying Science Communications & Public Relations and is the Co-Founder of the very first Gulf of Mexico Youth Climate Summit that looks to bring together young students and leaders to understand the critical issues facing the Gulf of Mexico. His team is determined to develop the importance of climate action, preserve the gulf’s coastline, and take initiative to protect it through efforts in education, policy, and advocacy.
As an inaugural member of the City of Corpus Christi’s first ever Environmental Task Force, Armon actively collaborates with and encourages city leaders to pay attention to the problems facing their local environment to create effective solutions. As the youngest member on this committee, he continues to work to ensure the on-going preservation of his city’s natural shoreline and green spaces that residents and visitors may enjoy today and in the future. Armon aims to promote a safe, healthy, and sustainable environment through green initiatives and public education as well as pushing for stewardship of the environment through developing critical environmental policy. He recognizes the value of incorporating alternative perspectives to combat the climate crisis bayfront cities must face and provides his expertise and advice on engaging young people with our city’s actionable efforts.

As a member of the next generation, he works to instill in young people an appreciation for our oceans, ideas to help them protect our precious water resources, effective communication skills to share their passion, and the love of supporting wildlife and land conservation.

In his free time, Armon enjoys collaborating and connecting with fellow conservationists—enthusiasts and science nerds alike— to engage community members of all ages to take action to protect our planet. He strives to work toward a world where young leaders are able to lead critical climate actions and can set the foundation for a green world tomorrow.