Ariadna González

EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassadors

Barcelona, Spain

Ariadna is 19 years old and lives in Barcelona. She's studying for her second year of Computer Engineering. She enjoys listening to music and mountaineering,  because since she was a child, she have liked nature, technology and science. For years Ariadna have been presenting for different scientific competitions such as Stockholm Junior Water Prize,  Ciencia en Acción and Exporecerca Jove, where she had the opportunity to explain her projects, related to health, viability and the environment. In particular, the last topic is the one that has caught her attention the most, since it has always been a theme that has interested her and she wants to do her part to achieve a more sustainable world.  Thanks to EarthEcho she can continue researching and learning about issues related to water, not only the properties it has but also the fauna or microplastics present in our seas and oceans. She is very grateful for this opportunity and looks forward to continuing in this project.