Andreu Pujol

EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassador

Barcelona, Spain

Andreu is a 18 years old student from Barcelona.  Currently, he is studying a Bachelor’s degree in Geoinformation and Geomatics Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. In 2021 Andreu was selected to represent Spain in the Stockholm Junior water Prize with the project “Design and Construction of an Irrigation System Powered by Renewable Energy”, that seeks to unify territorial cohesion, proximity, food, clean energy and water management.

Over the last years, Andreu has been becoming aware that as a society we have to try to reverse the progress of climate change and guarantee a healthier planet that will allow future generations to continue living, because today big decisions are not in favor of the planet.

He’s very excited to take part in the Eartecho Water Challenge. Together we will create a better world!