Andrea Ávila

EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassador

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Andrea is a Junior at Saint John's School from San Juan, Puerto Rico. She is passionate about protecting the environment and its organisms and has implemented lifestyle changes such as going vegetarian, buying more second-hand items, and advocating for change within her community with the goal of reducing her carbon footprint. Andrea is involved in other youth-led organizations with similar goals, such as the Youth Climate Action Coalition of Latin America and FEMA's Youth Preparedness Program. In addition, she has also advocated for change within her school by founding the #CutTheStraps initiative in which she educated her school's student body, faculty, and staff on the environmental effects not cutting the straps from masks has on our environment. During her free time, Andrea enjoys discovering the beautiful beaches of her island, going on walks while blasting music in her headphones, cooking delicious plant-based meals, and exploring new cultures through her travels. As an EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassador, Andrea hopes to combine her passion for science and technology in order to make a change in her community and the world around her.