What is an EarthEcho Expedition?

EarthEcho Expeditions is an annual program that leverages the rich Cousteau legacy of exploration and discovery to bring STEM education content alive for today’s 21st-century learners and their educators. Each EarthEcho Expedition begins with a week-long exploration of a geographic area facing an environmental crisis, examining the impacts that humans have on communities and water resources across the globe. In conjunction with local research and advocacy partners as well as the Expedition Fellows, we film and produce an education module for each Expedition.

When do EarthEcho Expeditions take place?

EarthEcho Expeditions happen annually. We launch the materials from the Expedition in January each year.

What is an Expeditions fellow?

An Expedition fellow is a middle-grade teacher with a positive attitude, creative mind, and an adventurous heart.

How do I apply to become a fellow?

Teachers can apply to become fellows through our website. Applications open around March every year.